The 1st Teaser of GARNET is Online!


Member Introduction – TEASER #1

We would like to introduce all members of the Dance Crew “GARNET” to you with a video of each one individually.

Here is a Teaser of our first Member and Leader of GARNET, MIZU.

In the near Future we will post more kind of videos of each individual Member.


What does GARNET mean?

GARNET is the stone of January. A Protection Stone, who will protect Family and Friends for a long journey and also can strengthen friendship.
Even within the dance crew, the friendship of the individual members is very strong.

Who are the GARNET Dance Crew?

GARNET is a mixed group of 4 members.
Gradually, a new member is presented again and again through a dance cover.

Who is MIZU?

She is the first trainee of NET Entertainment and now an official NET artist and leader of the dance crew GARNET.
The young 23-year-old has already gained experience in the field of dance and is now a permanent member of NET Entertainment GmbH.
She started or took over several K-POP dance classes.
As a trainer, she has integrated well and created her own choreographies, which she has already performed at various events.