2019 K-POP Big5 Concert in Düsseldorf


I am 14 years old, may I go to the concert by myself?
[Under 14 years]
Adolescents under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 and carry a note with them, which clearly indicates that the parent or legal guardian has known about the concert and has allowed the participation.

[Between 14 - 16 years]
Adolescents between the ages of 14 and 16 do not need an escort but they have to carry a note with them, which clearly shows that the parent or guardian knows about the concert and has allowed the participation.

[From 16 years]
Young people over 16 can freely go to this concert.

Why are you selling the higher categories via Tickettoaster?
We deliberately did not want to sell the "more expensive" tickets through Eventim because the fees on Eventim are very high. Of course we would like to meet you with the prices and have therefore tried to find a cheaper solution for you.
The price categories Royal, Silver and Normal will be sold through Eventim.

Which price categories are there?
VVIP (Standing)
VIP (Standing)
Gold (Standing)
Royal (Seating)
Silver (Seating)
Normal (Seating)

If the concert does not take place, will I receive a refund of the purchase price?
In Germany it is legally anchored to refund the money if the service is not provided. We are a German company and are obliged to comply with these guidelines.

Which payment methods are possible?
With Tickettoaster you can let your customers have the choice - all common forms of payment are possible:
- Purchase by bank transfer

Eventim Payment Options:
- Bank Debit Card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, Discover)
- Purchase Purchase
- giropay-paydirekt
- SOFORT Bank Transfer
- Pre-Master Passport Purchase

How many tickets can a person buy at most?
Per person a maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased.

How will the Five & Live event run?
Benefit of the FIVE & LIVE event
- Hi-Touch with the artists
VIP: free choice of ONE group of the 4 artists above
- Group photo with the artists (with 15-20 people)
- Early admission (depending on ticket category)
- Merchandise edition (signed poster + photo cards, called "Photo Ticket")

Can I get a picture with my idol alone? Can I use my own camera / smartphone for this?
No, there will be a group photo with the idols. There will be up to 20 fans with the idols in a photo that is shot by us. Smartphones are not allowed at the Five & Live event!

How many tickets of each category will NET / Donuts Music sell?
We reserve the right not to provide any information on ticket numbers. We are not obliged to disclose such information.

Can you get the merchandise items without VVIP, VIP and Gold?
No, this is unfortunately only the three price categories reserved. It is not possible that these items can be purchased separately.

Why is Stray Kids not present at the Five & Live event?
Unfortunately, we can not and must not comment on this. We would like to tell you something else, but unfortunately our hands are tied.
We hope that we can work with Stray Kids again in the near future. Then of course we want to try to give you the opportunity to experience your stars up close 😉

Will Stray Kids be present at the Photo Tickets / Photo Card?
Only in the Gold Standing Category.

Will Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO be present at the concert, as he was not featured in the Greeting Video?
Unfortunately, we have been informed that Cha Eunwoo, due to scheduling conflicts, sady he can not attend the concert. We are very sorry, but still look forward to the other 5 members of ASTRO. 😉

Will there be a numbering system?
Yes, there will be a numbering system.

Who will run the Numbering System?
This will be done by us, NET Entertainment and Donuts Music N.

Are Lightsticks allowed in the hall?
Yes, Lightsticks are allowed in the hall!

What is meant by a photo ticket?
The Photo Ticket is a simple name for "Photocard". They are called "tickets" because they are the size of a ticket or the size of a credit card.

VVIP & VIP: May we give presents to the stars?
Yes, before you start the hi-touch event, our staff will walk around with a gift box and collect your presents.