The Masterclass is a training class for dancers who learn the basics and
techniques of a choreography for a better and clean performance.


Only if you’re in the Masterclass, you will have the chance to apply at NET
Entertainment as a Trainee or Artist. An important note is: the Masterclass
students are HOP SPOT students, they ARE NOT part of NET Entertainment.
Talented Trainees from the Masterclass who have mastery of the dance
basics and techniques will have the opportunity to get into NET Team. They
will be educated and introduced as NET Artist.


Everyone who is passionate about dance and has the dream to become a
successful and professional dancer or wants to join the NET Team, HAS TO
pass the Masterclass Audition first.

Important Facts

– Masterclass Audition will be hold once a year
– You have to prepare one K-POP Dance Cover and freestyle (the song ist
chosen randomly by the judges)
– Participation Age: 15
– You still may participate at the audition when you’re under 15 to get
personal feedbacks by the judges, but there is no chance to pass the
– Masterclass trainees/students ARE NOT part of NET Entertainment
– Hop Spot members don’t have to pay a fee but extern participants have to
pay a fee of 5,- €

Training System

– Hardcore Warm-Up
– Training with choreographies from different dance genre
– Attending contests/competitions and having performances as H-Cane
(Hop Spot)
– Korean Style Teaching
– It is up to you if you would like to leave Masterclass when you don’t want
to be in the class anymore! But once you’re out, there is no way to get
back into the Masterclass without an audition.

Class Period

Every Friday from 5PM til 6:30PM (17:00 – 18:30). There is no class during
school holidays!
There could be additional class periods when there is an upcoming event to
prepare for.


HOP SPOT Dance Studio, Venloerstr. 420, 50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld,


Once a month: 50,- €

Next Masterclass Audition

More informations: here.