Negative Motion – Experience Report – Interview (2017-10)

1. How did you come to Negative Motion? What did you learn about the Dance Studio?
– I got to know negative motion through my trainer. She had told me about NeMo back then. Then I visited the dance studio in the social media and watched the dance videos. Since then I have followed Negative Motion.

2. How did you experience your first day in negative motion?
– My first day at NeMo was very good and super enjoyable! At first I was upset because of a whole new experience for me, but that quickly came to an end as soon as the lesson started. On my first day, I was lucky enough to meet a german dancer who is also a part of the German K-POP community and also in a dance group called Choom-C (Hi Vanessa!). She helped me be less excited. The atmosphere itself was definitely relaxed.

3. What do you think about the owner NeMo?
– The owner is super nice, very helpful and speaks English very well! That helped a lot. He made me feel like I’m part of the NeMo family! You can have a great conversation with him!

4. Which classes are offered and which ones have you taken?
– There are Hiphop Level 1 and 2, Urban / Choreography, Girls Hiphop, Popping, House, Basic Class. I have taken all classes except Basic Class, Popping and Hiphop Level 2.

5. What do you think of the classes?
– The classes I took were very demanding and a lot of fun! It was interesting to see how the coaches teach the full details. It was a challenge for me to open up to these new things and to learn something different, even though this time it was the base that was taught to you. I noticed that these little things are very important. It’s like you’re learning the same basis, but “different” and at the same time you’re learning another technique. It’s kind of complicated to explain.

6. how are the teachers and dance students?
– The trainers were very nice and they spoke English well! They came to me and tried to explain everything to me in English. For example, they wanted to know if I would get house lessons for the first time. The students were also super nice! There were no competition-feeling among each other. In the classes, everyone was dealing with themselve. We had e.g. a 5 – 10-minute practice phase for ourselves. The trainer has given everyone individual feedback. We had to audition in small groups, but there were no feeling of: “I have to dance well now, otherwise they think something stupid of me.” That didn’t exist. They welcomed me warmly and tried to communicate with me in English. In addition, there were many foreigners, e.g. came from Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Indonesia, etc. I would say, It was “multi-cultural”.

7. What is the average age?
– The average age is about 20 years, I think. The youngest that I met were between 15 and 17 years old, others early or mid 20 years.

8. What did you like the most?
– I especially liked the feeling within the group, because you felt very comfortable and could concentrate well, without any thoughts. I think that’s very important; that the environment gives you a good feeling.

9. What was your highlight?
– My highlight was the video shoot of the House class. I’ve always wanted to be seen on such a dance class video and House is one of my favorite dance styles. I’m very proud of that, even though it was my first real house class. A beautiful memory.

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10. How many times have you been to Negative Motion?
– In General it was my first time at NeMo. If you divide the visits over the days, it was 4 days, i.e. I always had max. 2 classes in one day, which lasted 90 minutes.

11. And last but not least: Would you come back and recommend it to friends?
– I would definitely go back and recommend it to friends. Negative motion is simply “multi-cultural”, the atmosphere is on point, the coaches are good, the owner is very nice, the classes are challenging and you can definitely learn a lot by many different and experienced professional coaches.