Competition and Registration – K-Style

You can participate in 3 different categories.
Please read the rules carefully and fill out the registration form to become part of the IKDC.

➤ Who can participate:
→ Everyone can participate!
→ International participants are welcome!
→ Minors must have parents’ consent

➤ What do you need to prepare:
→ Your own choreography (choice of group and song: your decision)
→ A remix / mashup is not allowed

➤ The rules:
→ Online-Audition: The selected song must be played min. 1 minute.
→ Final: The selected song must be played in full length.

Registration HERE!


1 Person

Registration HERE!

Small Group

2 – 4 Persons

Registration HERE!

Big Group

5 – 15 Persons


Each person may only participate just once per category!

Online audition registration period:
1st October 2018 at 18:00 until 4th January 2019 at 18:00!

From 4th January 2019 you can register without a video