Welcome to IKDC 2019

The ONE and ONLY dance competition!
Show your dance and meet international dancers.

Become the MVP of the IKDC!
The most talented dancer will become a „Dance Star“!


Be judged by Professionals

The IKDC Judges are dancers and organizers in Korea and Germany. Their great knowledge about K-POP, their experience in dance, shows and competitions and their faith in LOVE & RESPECT for the dance, gives all competitors the kind of judgement, they deserve. The best!

Win a dance-trip to Seoul!

Get the chance on the unique MVP Price:
A flight to Korea (for the whole group) to experience the life of a dancer and work with experienced choreographers and dancers.
One Wee with Prepix Studio 
Try out the professional training, one of Korea’s most famous dance crews.
You spend a whole week training with the prepix crew in Korea.

The MVP price includes the flight, as well as the lessons.
The accommodation, as well as the food must be paid by yourself.